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welcome to my domain

how i got started

like many other people i was an avid doodler when i was young. i enjoyed drawing various stick figures and objects before attempting to tackle more complicated subjects around middle school. what i desired out of my art far outpaced my abilities so i grew frustrated with myself. i would practice realism but it never satisfied me.

in high school i got my first drawing tablet and took a graphic design class to learn photoshop. my first attempts of drawing were in photoshop, and honestly shoutout to everyone who manages to draw in that program because i CANNOT do it. after both my frustrations with my tools and my abilities i got burnt out and focused more on sprite art in Piskel, something i had already tinkered with before. after high school i downloaded the program Krita and abandoned trying to force a realist style. i was just gonna draw shapes! and shapes i did draw. they're very fun to color and they help me process more complicated concepts like perspective. shapes are the basics for a reason i suppose.

about art use

upon viewing my artwork, it is now yours. you may save it, raise it, feed it, toss it in the air, flip it upside down, or abandon it. our art is free for all use including edits, tracing, or reuploading with optional credit. you may adore or detest our artwork. if you're interested in the work-in-progress files (including some images not seen here [subject to change with time]) then hop on over to the downloads page.

did you perhaps want an image

sprite art c. 2018-2021

piskel (the sprite app i use)

12 western zodiac signs

myPod Miniatures

food & snacks



digital drawings c. 2019-2022

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