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welcome to website

welcome to my domain

about the downloads

these will just be various files of mine that you can take if you want. there will be some external downloads (and internal mirrors) linked throughout the site where relevant.



work-in-progress folder with some exclusive pictures
folder uploaded on 2024-04-03
~26.1 megabytes
SHA256 hash: 14d04b2dcfa199604b8dbbc8b24e0b1fc6ad74297dd37b05c09f26bec2a58195
MD5 hash: c41d2d86337ad160cbc4226ab9ae6a98

Save Files

these are not rom files, but those are easy to acquire on the internet
Arkedo Series 03 - PIXEL! RPCS3\dev_hdd0\home\00000001\savedata
~499 kilobytes
SHA256 hash: e00f615463b2d9927a5d6be3689d6384a1404b38fc5c44f38ad10626d82b7ba2
MD5 hash: 6b7935b6bddff13f6dd85212d07578ba
Super Mario Sunshine Dolphin Emulator\GC\USA\Card A
~56 kilobytes
SHA256 hash: 80c8d3107bd2fe58b18b101600b1312c7958c8e31844f790d940313d10755a4d
MD5 hash: d00cf42c7b0ea081027b036580e30e32