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welcome to my domain



i'm proud that even after months of inactivity the compost bin has a healthy microbiome with various creatures enjoying it. picking that back up as the months have gotten warmer feels gratifying


wow. even from the simple (javascript?) i tinkered with i feel both exhausted and afraid. why did they make it like that. it's also 5am


my hard drive is slowly running out of space...


so i'm learning that Neocities doesn't like ".GIF" files but will accept ".gif" files. you can upload them to the server but attempting to access them via a page or link is not possible; you have to rename the file extension to the lowercase version.


i need a place to make "tweets" so i created a new html file. anyways i love walking up to my air conditioner and pressing the buttons with my thumb like an important console. hate that i have to use an air conditioner in april though.