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i've managed to created a new layout! it has similar dna to the previous one while applying techniques i've been learning throughout crafting various pages. i hope it functions well and i'm satisifed with it for a while because i spent so much time troubleshooting various parts. so is the nature of coding, i guess.


even after uploading the website i'm rapidly adapting stuff. something that i believe was needed was a passthrough of the images to optimize them. some files were way larger than they needed to be in both dimensions and bytes. perhaps there's still room for improvement but (hopefully) things are far from dire. meanwhile, restructuring the folders has been helpful for organization. having a subfolder with multiple pages will look a lot cleaner. i just hope i didn't break anything...


well, it's a little bit further in the new year lol. i got completely derailed from both losing power in January from a weather-related incident to getting covid for the first time in February. my energy, motivation, and focus were completely shot and truthfully i'm still recovering. however, i've been slowly trying to pick away at neglected chores and now dabbling away with the website. part of me loathes the fact i haven't updated the online page in... gee, i don't even wanna know. 2021 i think. 2022 actually jesus christ i was worried for a second. but, it's not like i have a deadline. i keep saying that though. should i have a personal deadline? part of my hang-up is that i need to figure out how to splice "updates" of my website. if i truly sit and consider how many pages i want and try to include those i'm just gonna forever swim. i think i've already established i'm pretty much omitting the games page in the first part. because truthfully i have most other stuff ?done? with minor tweaks. but what about my collections? thoughts? do i even have those? of course i do, what am i typing! do i title them "thoughts" or perhaps a more jovial word. i considered "blurbs" but that's not really it either. thumbles....? (do i really put that on the page lmaoooo) upon searching that it's not even a word it's "thimbles" which is a word i love to misuse. sorry.


well, it's the new year.


i've now gone and made individual text documents for the games list instead of the single mega-document i was crafting. sure there's a lot more "stuff" now but it'll be better in the long run for navigating large spans of text. now comes the harder part of actually writing things out for all of them! there may be an entry or two i leave out and other ones i decide to craft instead. hence the "almost" part of the official title but it will stand as a fairly comprehensive list of the games i've played. some of the most fun and extensive parts will be looking into resources about the games promotion material such as cover and manual art, magazine ads, websites, and any other images i can find. bless internet archives for being an excellent way to get the ball rolling and discover images that i'd never seen before (because in a lot of contexts, when would you unless explicitly searching?). this will likely lead me into offshoots related to video games, such as the consoles themselves and perhaps other technology.


creating a long list of anything is a very daunting string of tasks and i'm unsure of why i've committed to it. that's not true though, i've done this because it's awesome. but i end up staring at the list and webpage itself sometimes more than "actually" working on it. perhaps ruminating on what is to come can be work, too.

something i can get caught up in is trying to do bulk text planning in a text document rather than the webpage itself. enforcing that too strictly won't do me much good but it's also a lot better for raw typing and editing if i have a separate document to scrutinize. it both depends on where i'm at and when planning starts; sometimes code is more parseable to me than plain writing or vice-versa. either way i need to take my time and be patience.


i've created a few more pages and added depth to some others, including the games list and the links page. trying to figure out how i want to organize everything and where is definitely a process but luckily i can change it pretty much whenever. if i try my best to future-proof by optimizing my format then any tweaks should hopefully be fine. but honestly this form is kind of a "rebuild" of the first iteration of the website so does it really matter. yes and no.

honestly i don't even know HOW i'm gonna begin to tackle the games list entries. a good chunk of them likely won't have a custom format (which could also change in the future) but the significant ones to me definitely will. if conveying a certain aesthetic is important to me then the page will be customized for sure.


of course i'm coding at an obscene hour again, more than a year later. i've neglected this project for a while for various reasons but i've been inspired lately to slowly pick away at what i want out of this place. this whole journey will require a lot of hand-stretching from the typing. thank god for my splints but they can only do so much for my hands. i figure i should keep some light notes of my process to have as both a record and something to motivate progress by getting to convey thoughts about it. my various notes will likely end up on the site in some form to show some of the extra work behind my website. maybe that'd be interesting for some people. i really hope this shapes up to be what i'm imagining!

behold, they're old

  • 2022-03-21 i have now added a few mini badges! i may add more in the future or other stuff. i'm thinking of adding more pages/elements as well so i'll see how that pans out. this website will always be a w.i.p. so long as i update it c:
  • 2022-03-18 well, guess who's doing 1am coding again! the inspiration to press a few keys only strikes me at night, otherwise i'm doing other shit. but um i guess i'll have this little 'updates' section on the site because why not.
  • 2022-03-17 text! it is 1am once again so i should sleep. i added a little more to the page. yippee.